Light & Shadow

I have been writing. I have been creating. I have been manifesting. But as soon as I wrote that last blog I had an internal moment of disbelief: “Did I really say I was going to do all that? For public view? I did. And so, I’m here again even though part of me desperately does not want to be. I am actually a pretty private person. A blog is very public. But I said I was going to do it, so I am. I’ve already broken the once a week commitment. Hey, it’s Jan. 20 and I think most […]

2019: A Year of Magic

Here we go. I’m committing to writing a blog – for real. That means regularly. At least a new post once a week. I’m committing to doing all those things that I’ve meant to do for so long. This is the year to commit. So, it’s going to be a year of magic too, because I need MAGIC and MIRACLES to help me out with this. This is the year that I write 30 minutes a day. This is the year that I send out manuscripts for the Children’s Books I’ve always wanted to write. This is the year I […]

Why Dance?

5 Reasons why I think you should dance


Some people have known their paths since Kindergarten. I guess there were clues back then, I just didn’t realize them until much later.